Gooden Fluffy Hollands NC and Gooden Champagnes

Fayetteville Rabbitry

Please bear with us as we recreate a brand new web page from scratch. 

Welcome to GFHNC and GC


Founded in 2018, we started with two Holland Lops from Sarah Jackson (Nevaeh Rabbitry). We started out as pet breeders and just enjoyed the interaction with people and making cute little babies. A few years later I became interested in showing rabbits all because Megan Williams (Lockhart Lops) got a rabbit from me and it won. I did not really realize just what I had started with. I had been making nice babies all along, but did not realize what I had. I started going with Megan to shows and Sarah went with me to my first one. Sarah had been grooming me all along for showing. She answered all my questions and became a mentor. She and I still work together with our otters and chocolates and I always seek her advice and value her opinions.


We show rabbits now every chance we get. My husband breeds and shows Champagne D’Argents. It took me a while to build up my herd again with non-Vienna rabbits. When I realized the ones I started with carried Vienna, I began improving the breed with the intention of showing and making BEWs (Blue Eyed Whites). 


Currently, I’m continuing my goal to improve BEW. I recently came into chocolates, otters and chestnuts. I have a blue program as well and they have vienna behind them. I have a blue buck that is non-vienna so when I get a blue from him he will start my non-vienna blue program. For now, blues with vienna behind them are helping to increase bulk in the BEW program.  


Roderick just got his first breeding pair of Champagne d’argents December 2022 from Hermitage Homestead. We met Kristyn Faircloth at the Hickory show. She wanted us to have a pair so we could start showing with her and a couple others so they could start winning. Now we have a couple grand champions in the barn and a few up and coming!