Bucks O' Plenty still need homes!

Click link below to see videos and pictures of available rabbits!

I will be posting pictures here as I have time. Please reach out via text 910-273-1159 or Facebook messenger to make a deposit. I have PayPal, Cash App, Venmo and Zelle. 

Deposits are $40 to reserve a rabbit but some can be picked up now. If you choose not to reserve a rabbit by depositing, I cannot guarantee your rabbit will still be here.  

Prices are listed below. 

Blue Tort Buck

Dam: Broken tort

Sire: Tort

Price: $25

DOB: 11/12/23 

This boy is super sweet! This rabbit is a pet only. No pedigree will be provided.


Orange Chocolate Carrier Brood Buck

Dam: Orange chocolate carrier

Sire: Fox chocolate carrier

Price: $85

DOB: 1/26/24 

This boy is super sweet! He loves to be pet! His mom came from a tricolor program. His grandfather is a grand champion. He has excellent bone but limb is a bit long. He has a nice wide crown but ears are long. He has nice width of chest, shoulder and body. I anticipate him maturing into a nice brood buck that will add mass and width. 


Show Quality Black Chocolate Carrier Buck

Dam: Tricolor chocolate carrier

Sire: Chocolate

Price: $150

DOB: 11/4/23 


Shade loves to be pet. He has a decent body on him for showing but his crown is tight at the moment. He has nice short limbs but could use a little more bone. He has excellent ear length and shape. His stance is higher. Width of chest is decent. I anticipate him to mature nicely. He can be used to make chocolates, harlequins, blacks and any of these in the broken variety (with a broken of course). Breed with a doe with a wider crown for improvement. He will be proven soon! 

Black Dilute Carrier Chocolate Carrier Buck

Dam: Otter Chocolate Carrier

Sire: Blue Chocolate Carrier

Price: $125

DOB: 3/7/24 


This boy is super sweet and loves pets. He is on the petite side. His grandsire and great grandsire are grand champions and maternal grandsire has 2 legs. Dam has 1 leg. I anticipate this rabbit to mature nicely and that he has the potential to do well on the show tables. He is already showing a nice crown, topline, ear shape and width.   


Harlequin Buck Chocolate Carrier

Dam: Tricolor chocolate carrier

Sire: Fox chocolate carrier

Price: $100

DOB: 2/27/24 


This buck is on the petite side. His grandsire is a grand champion. I anticipate this rabbit to mature nicely. He is already showing a nice crown, excellent topline, decent bone and width. His limb is a little long. I believe he can be a great start to your tricolor program.    


Chocolate harlequin Doe

Dam: TricolorVC chocolate carrier

Sire: Harlequin chocolate carrier

Price: $100

DOB: 3/7/24 


details when I get to  my  other  computer 





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